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Mushroom Paste (No Postage to Sabah/ Sarawak/ Labuan)

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What is Mushroom Paste?

Mushroom Paste is a paste that is composed of Vegan based Lanolin together with a formulated ratio of a plant hormone that promotes "Cell Division" in plants. 

To use, apply a dab of paste with a toothpick/ cottonbud to the Axilary buds of the plant to transform it into magical mushrooms (jk, it does not grow mushroom but rather it activates the shoot growth from the Axilary Buds) However, to improve efficiency, DO NOT BE GREEDY and put on every node. If the plant has 6 axilary bud, apply on only 2-3, this is to ensure that not all energy is redirected to the new shoot hence improving efficancy of the paste. 

You will also receive an instruction card on for further information on the Paste.

We have tested and proven to work on most types of Begonias & Philodendron and certain type of Monsteras 

This paste works on healthily growing plant.


The effectiveness of the paste depends on the health and species if the plant and can range anytime between a week to a few months. 



  • Mild leakage when you received the paste is normal as the gel consistency turns into liquid if exposed to heat during the transit period *Please place an order only if you are okay with this*
  • Just store the paste at a cool area for a few hours for it to solidify into a cream-gel consistency again before using.

EAST MALAYSIA - We do not post this to Sabah/ Sarawak/ Labuan due to:

  • this product will melt under heat/ high temperature and might leak out during long transit time
  • courier restrictions, no liquid/ gel/ cream/ paste items


  • Keep at a cool and dry place
  • Keep away from pets and children
  • Wash your hands/ skin properly with soap if come in contact with the product

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